Michael Charles Breaks Boundaries in his Latest Freestyle Entitled “Vince Cartier”.

Smooth bars, ferocious flows and an electrifying energy that just keeps giving; welcome to the exhilarating new world of Michael Charles as he breaks boundaries in his latest freestyle entitled “Vince Cartier”. The highly lyrical piece fuses genius wordplay to effortless spitting as he gorgeously glides over an organic beat. The Texas-bred, LA-based rapper put out the single shortly before the release of his latest EP “Beginners Luck” that’s due out April 30th. It came out naturally after he woke up one day during the recording process of the EP and decided he just wanted to jump on the mic. The result was something smart and oozing in authenticity that shows his raw rap charisma. It was produced by Grammy nominated producer Illuid Haller and is all about showing the finest form of rapping in its purest sense. The name is a play on words from a combination of the NBA star “Vince Carter” and the high-end fashion brand “Cartier”.

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